Painter and graphic artist, born 27 January 1943 in Kouvola, Finland.


Finnish Academy of Fine Arts 1963-67
Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, department of graphic art 1968
Advanced training in different courses in painting, graphic art and hand made paper.
Travelled widely in world, has participated in several international art workshops and provided training in art in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

SOLO EXHIBITIONS, in Finland and abroad

Ama Gallery, Helsinki 2018
Ama Gallery, Helsinki 2013
Casa Municipalidad, Cusco, Peru 2010 (invited exhibition)
Instituto Cultural Peruano Noerteamericano, Lima, Peru 2010 (invited exhibition)
TM-Gallery, Helsinki 2008
Rantasipi Laajavuori, Jyväskylä 2005, in cooperation with NACS (Nordic Association for Clinical Sexology)
Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre in Hanasaari, Espoo 2004, in cooperation with IASR
(International Academy of Sex Research)
Gallery Aula/ Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw; Poland 2003 (invited exhibition)
Muzeum Narodowe/Palac Opatów, Gdansk, Poland 2003 (invited exhibition)
Rytmi, Helsinki 2002
Luontotalo Arkki, Pori 2002 (invited exhibition)
Pihatto Gallery, Lappeenranta 2002, (invited exhibition)
Embassy of Finland, Cairo, The Arab Republic of Egypt 2000 (invited exhibition)
Ahmed Shawki Museum, Cairo, The Arab Republic of Egypt 2000 (invited exhibition)
Lauttasaari Library Art Gallery, Finland 1999 (invited exhibition)
Malmitalo, Helsinki, Finland 1999 (invited exhibition)
Vallila Library Art Gallery, Helsinki, Finland 1998 (invited exhibition)
Casa de los Tres Mundos, Granada, Nicaragua 1998 (invited exhibition)
Galeria Praxis, Managua, Nicaragua 1998 (invited exhibition)
Theatre Gloria, Helsinki 1996-97
The Nelimarkka Museum, Alajärvi, Finland 1995 (invited exhibition)
Hotel Mercedes, Pucallpa, Peru 1994 (invited exhibition)
Galerie L´Imaginaire/ Allianza Française, Lima, Peru 1994 (invited exhibition)
Paper Art Gallery of Finland, Kuusankoski, Finland 1993 (invited exhibition)
Kouvola Museum of Art, Kouvola, Finland 1993 (retrospective invited exhibition)
Kioskgallery, Helsinki, Finland 1993
Sandro`s Gallery, Harare, Zimbabwe 1992
Installation "Kivinen matka" at the Kokkola Theatre, Finland 1992 (inv. exhibition)
Stone Museum, Espoo, Finland 1992 (invited exhibition)
Painters Gallery, Helsinki, Finland 1992
Forsthaus Beckenhof, Pirmasens, Germany 1991
Heinola Museum of Art, Heinola, Finland 1991 (invited exhibition)
Galerie Scherer, Miltenberg am Main, Germany 1991
Gallery Jankowsky, Kajaani, Finland 1991
National Museum, Monuments and Art gallery, Gaborone, Botswana 1990 (invited exhibition)
Bulawayo Art Gallery, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe 1990 (invited exhibition)
Amer Gallery, Helsinki, Finland 1990 (invited exhibition)
Scandinavian Culture Centre, Tokyo, Japan 1988 (invited exhibition)
JaSuKo, Otsu, Japan 1988 (invited exhibition)
Pyramid Zone Hall, Fukuoka, Japan 1988 (invited exhibition)
Kunstakademi Kaldergalleri, Århus, Denmark 1988 (invited exhibition)
Eckernförde Kunsthaus, Eckernförde, Germany 1988 (invited exhibition)
Kunstpavillon, Aalborg, Denmark 1988 (invited exhibition)
Hotel Intercontinental Gallery, United Arab Emirates 1988 (invited exhibition)
Dana Plaza Gallery, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 1988 (invited exhibition)
Kuusankoskitalo, Kuusankoski, Finland 1987 (invited exhibition)
Library Art Gallery, Nurmijärvi, Finland 1986 (invited exhibition)
Stoa, Itäkeskus Activity Centre, Helsinki, Finland 1986 (invited exhibition)
Southern Karelian Museum of Art, Lappeenranta, Finland 1985 (invited exhibition)
Gallery Piika ja Renki, Elimäki, Finland 1984
Library Art Gallery, Nurmijärvi, Finland 1983 (invited exhibition)
Imatra Art Museum, Imatra, Finland 1983 (invited exhibition)
Kluuvi Gallery, Helsinki, Finland 1983
Sahalahti Gallery, Puumala, Finland 1983 (invited exhibition)
Kartanomakasiini, Anjalankoski, Finland 1981 (invited exhibition)
Painters Gallery, Helsinki, Finland 1979
Gallery Piika ja Renki, Elimäki, Finland 1979 (invited exhibition)
Ässä Gallery, Helsinki, Finland 1979
Hanasaari Swedish-Finish Cultural Centre, Espoo, Finland 1978
Library Art Gallery, Elimäki, Finland 1977 (invited exhibition)
Library Art Gallery, Kouvola, Finland 1976 (invited exhibition)
Gallery Nuovo, Lahti, Finland 1976
K.H. Renlund Art Museum, Kokkola, Finland 1976 (invited exhibition)
Kluuvi Gallery, Helsinki, Finland 1976
Library Art Gallery, Myllykoski, Finland 1975 (invited exhibition)
Gallery of the Association of Graphic Artists in Finland, Helsinki 1974
Gallery Katariina, Helsinki Artist Association, Helsinki, Finland 1972
Gallery Artek, Helsinki, Finland 1970 (award exhibition)
The Museum of Central Finland, Jyväskylä, Finland 1970 (award exhibition)


In Finland: Ateneum Art museum (Finnish National Gallery), Amos Andersson Art Museum, Lahti Museum of Art, Wäinö Aaltonen Museum, Imatra Museum of Art, K.H. Renlund Art Museum, The Southern Karelian Art Museum, Jyväskylä Museum of Art, Alvar Aalto Museum, Kouvola Museum of Art, Finnish State Collections, Helsinki Museum of Art, Finnish Graphic Artists´ Collection, Kymi Province Art Foundation, Hanasaari Finnish-Swedish Culture Centre, Paulo Foundation, Amer Foundation, Harkonmäki Collection, Union Bank of Finland, Nordea Ltd, Alko Ltd, Kymi Paper Industry Ltd, Elimäki congregation, Nokia Ltd, also the municipalities of Helsinki, Kuusankoski, Kouvola, Anjalankoski, Mikkeli, Vantaa, Hamina, Järvenpää, Puumala, Elimäki, Iitti, Nurmijärvi, Luumäki and in many corporate and private collections.
Abroad: Gulf Air in United Arab Emirates; Fukunitsi News in Japan; Museo Arte Contemperanea in Nicaragua; Mzilikazi Art and Craft Centre in Zimbabwe; National Museum, Monuments and Art Gallery in Botswana, Bula¬wayo Art Gallery in Zimbabwe; Museo Nacional de Arte in Mosambique;
National Art Museum, Cluj in Romania; Contemporary Graphic Fond in Romania; Central Academy of Art, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia; Private Collection of President Nelson Mandela in South-Africa; Biennal Fund in Yugoslavia; Galeria Zyhdi, Racibórz, Yugoslavia. Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano, Peru


The art award of the State 1973
Debut exhibition award of the year, Jyväskylä, Finland 1970
The School of Art Academy in Finland, drawing competition 1st and 2nd premiums 1966


Honour Member of Kouvola Artists Association 2006
Honour Member of Artists Association of Amazon 1995 ( Asociación de Artistas de la Amazonia)
Honour Member of Nicaraguan Artists Union 1998( Unión Nicaragüense de Artistas Plásticos)
Honour Member of Solentiname Art and Graft Union, Nicaragua 1998 (Unión de Pintores y Artesanos de Solentiname)


The Fine Art Academy of Finland 2002
Finnish Cultural Foundation/South Karelia Foundation 2000
Alfred Kordelin Foundation 1999
Niilo Helander Foundation 1997
Five-year government arts grant 1994 –1998
FRAME 1994, 1998, 2000, 2002
Arts Council of Finland 1993, 2000, 2003, 2008
Oskar Öflund Foundation 1992
Finnish-Danish Cultural Foundation 1988
Five-year government arts grant 1984 – 1988
Ministry of Education, Finland 1980, 1993, 1999, 2000, 2003
The Artists Association of Finland 1982, 1990
Province of Uusimaa, Finland 1979. 2003
States project scholarship 1974, 1978
Greta and Wilhelm Lehtinen Foundation, Finland 1978
One-year government arts grant, Finland 1976
Finnish Cultural Foundation 1973, 1981, 1993,
Fine Arts Academy of Finland 1973
The Paulo Foundation 1972, 1975
City of Helsinki 1971, 1990
Artist’s pension from the State


“Aallon alla” (Above the Wave) 2006-07
“Merenkulkijan ikonit” (Seafarers`Icons), The Finnish Embassy in Cairo, Egypt
"Fossiilikivi" (The Fossil Stone) 1994, Academic Bookstore, Helsinki, Finland
"Seitsemän ajatusta paperilla" (Seven Thoughts on Paper) 1991, Pori School of Nursing, Finland,
"The World Wall", The Judith Baca International Mural Project 1990-2000, Los Angeles, USA
"Sinun kaduillas koulutie" 1983, Kouvola lyseum, Finland
"Vihreä hysteria" (Green Hysteria) 1982, Itäkeskus Health Centre, Finland
"Sininen väylä" (Blue Channel) 1982, Mikkeli Old Folks´ Day Centre, Finland
"Unien ulappa" (Sea of Dreams) 1982, Elimäki Community Centre, Finland


"Nip of Love" 1983
Sirkka-Liisa Lonka, PARVS Publishing 2012


Pictures published in numerous art books, art publications, book covers and artist registers


The Painters´ Union of Finland
The Association of Graphic Artists in Finland
Helsinki Artists Association
PAND – Performers and Artists for Nuclear Disarmament
Arkadia Society


Gornji Milanovac, Yugoslavia (The 6th International Biennale of Miniature Art) 2000
Racibórz, Poland (The 3th International Biennale) 2000
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (The 3th Malaysia Annual Exhibition
of International Contemporary Prints) 1999
Lódz, Poland (Male Formy Grafiti) 1999
Maputo, Mozambique (Ponte Movel) 1998
Cluj, Romania (Bienala International de Gfafica Mica) 1997
St.Petersburg, Russia (Paper Art) 1997
Oostershelde, Netherlands (Grup In) 1994
Dordrecht, Netherlands (Grup In) 1993
Dortmund, Sollingen, Germany (Grup In) 1993
Vesthimmerland, Denmark (Grup In) 1992
Harare, Marondera, Zimbabwe (IV Pachipamwe International) 1991
Castrop Rauxel, Germany (Grup In) 1991
Dordrecht, Netherlands (Grup In) 1991
Managua, Nicaragua (Arte Contemperanea de Finlandia) 1990
Lusaka, Zambia (Contemporary Finnish Art) 1990
Dar-Es-Salaam, Zanzibar, Tanzania (Contemporary Finnish Art) 1990
Maputo, Beira, Nacala, Mozambique (Contemporary Finnish Art) 1990
Marondera, Zimbabwe (III Pachipamwe International) 1990
Leningrad, Moscow, Russia (Finland Today) 1990
Svenborg, Randers, Denmark (1 Hollaender 2 Finner 3 Normaend) 1990
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe (Mzilikazi Workshop) 1989
Oslo, Norway (Nordisk Forum) 1988
Pechs, Hungary (14 Artists - 14 Countries) 1987
Greifswald, Stralsund, Rostock, Berlin, Germany (Northern Images) 1983-84
Brno, Czechoslovakia (XI Biennale) 1984
Moscow, Soviet Union (Finnish Art) 1981
Bucharest, Costanzia, Rumania (Finnish Art) 1981
Prague, Brno, Kosice, Czechoslovakia (Finske Umeni) 1976
Berlin, Germany (Finnische Kunst) 1976
Lund, Sweden (Ny Nordisk Romantik) 1975
Hagen, Germany 1974
New York, USA (Young Artists International) 1973

Participated more than 200 group exhibitions in Finland.